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Having published directories for more than 16 years, Index Media is delighted to present the Forever 39 Resource Directory which celebrates young, vibrant and engaged boomers.  This directory presents information on businesses, services and products, customized for you, as well as articles that address many pertinent topics: health and wellness, finances and retirement, lifestyle, fashion and elder care issues. In addition, we have suggestions for how to choose a Greener lifestyle. 

Young is clearly more than a person’s age.   This is not an attempt to deny aging. The fact is that we are more and more aware that one’s  physical and mental health are more important determinants of ‘youthfulness’ than chronological age.  Today’s 50 + start new careers, new adventures, and are speaking out more than ever. Not about age but about what they want and how they want to be seen. But after age fifty, it is time to make sure that we are paying attention. Just as in other areas of our lives, as we grow older we need to take responsibility for our health, make informed choices and act wisely. We hope our directory helps guide you in this direction.

Things that relate to our overall well-being  include the importance of our friendships and social connections; giving some thought to what we want retirement to look like; having an understanding of  one’s financial assets and liabilities; looking after our physical needs in terms of eating healthy as well as maintaining our mental acuity. Forever 39 is a youthful approach to living your life and enjoying the different aspects of graduating from youth to maturity.
 Through the support of our advertisers we are delighted to be able to provide this directory to the GTA community. Available free of charge at various distribution points including service providers, restaurants and shops , Forever 39   will also be delivered door-to-door in selected areas. To obtain a copy visit a distribution point or call our office to find out where you can get one.
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